What you get

The lawyers at 7SA stand for focused advice, based on the following core elements:

Quality & International Experience

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7SA provides you with made-to-measure legal services, reflecting the expertise acquired by its partners at large law firms and the world’s premier arbitral institution. With our multi-cultural background and strong language skills we operate seamlessly in a truly international legal environment.

Partner work & flexible fee arrangements

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The structure of 7SA guarantees that its partners do—and not only supervise—the work you entrust to the firm. It also allows for flexible fee arrangements, including caps, flat fees, and blended rates, commensurate with the moderate cost overhead of 7SA. Unlike many larger firms, 7SA can serve you unhampered by conflicts of interests.

Comprehensive analysis & Risk assessment

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7SA has a thorough understanding of the prevalent industry sectors and its lawyers excel at coming to know your business. Early risk assessment and comprehensive legal analysis at the outset is usually the most cost-efficient way to resolve disputes. 7SA is your companion throughout all phases of your case. We settle if advantageous to you, initiate proceedings where needed, and fight for your interests until the enforcement stage if necessary.

Commitment & Reliability

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7SA values personable and trusted working relationships, in which the client’s interests come first. We measure our success by your satisfaction and seek to be reliable long-term partners. Working as a team allows us to dedicate all of our resources and concerted knowledge to the most favorable outcome for your case.

Passion & Perseverance

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The lawyers at 7SA love what they do and believe that international dispute resolution is an invaluable public good. Their passion translates into analytical rigor, skilled advocacy, and relentless dedication to your case.